Again, don’t mind me. I’m still testin

Again, don’t mind me. I’m still testin

Again, don’t mind me. I’m still testing out this new Hootsuite thing. Disregard this post.

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Freestyle Drift’s “The Initiation”

Freestyle Drift’s “The Initiation”


There seems to be this stigma that lingers over these grassroots events. The stigma isn’t for the event, but it’s for the money and the rules and the politics that seem to hold the sport back. If you ever speak to some of the old-heads, or anyone who has been to these events for any amount of time, they’ll be the first to tell you that grassroots is where it’s at.

I guess when they say, “Mo’…

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Apex Chats with Shawn Morgan!


Hey everyone, Dillon here!

As you all know we love to spread anything and everything about the drift scene. One area we feel needs more attention is the spotlight for drivers. All the pro drivers get all the spotlight when they have already made it to the big time. We feel that same love should be shared to the rest of the drivers. We would like to continue our “drivers spot” with our next feature Driver.

Shawn Morgan has really stated his presence in the drift community with his clean lines, and determination to better himself with each run. Shawn is no rookie to drifting. The love for going sideways started for Shawn when he was only eight years old. As a kid, Shawn would sneak out to the back and drive a pick-up truck down an aisle between parked cars, at his father’s shop. Shawn said “I would give the truck some gas and the back would step out. I didn’t know what I was doing, it just felt good.” This love for sliding eventually led to street drifting in his first RB20 swapped 240. He was voted crowd favorite at his first event. Now, with the help from Silver Dragon Racing, Shawn has nowhere to go but up!

We were able to catch up with Shawn and ask him a few questions on his impressive 2013 season.

Apex Militia
: What challenges and obstacles did you have to face over the course of the season to get here?

Shawn Morgan: Lack of power! There are a few lag issues with the engine at low rpm. If I have to slow down when I’m following or just to correct the line, the car bogs down and looses power. The 1j still has the factory boost limiter. Also a lot of transmission issues. I rebuilt the transmission myself.

A/M: You’re coming off a spectacular win in Virginia, how are the environments different with the bigger crowds and does it add more pressure as a driver?

Shawn: There is always pressure. I just try to focus on myself. Hit my lines and the clip points. Staying in the power band is very crucial for me. The best thing is not to over think it. Everyone gets better each year.

A/M: As a driver, what do you look for most in a drifting circuit?

Shawn: Competition. Drifting is like one big family, everyone helps each other out. Driving with good drivers helps you get better, setting the bar higher each time.

Shawn has a great foundation under him and has the determination to take his drifting career as far as he wants to go. He is a great guy and there is never a dull moment in his pit. After all, Shawn shared with us he would also like to peruse voice acting so one could only imagine all the shenanigans that go on.

So folks, keep your eye on Shawn as he continues to peruse his passion and grow as a driver in the years to come.

Until next time folks, stay classy and stay sideways.



Hey everyone! A really tired Chris, here!

Here is the latest issue of Apex Mag, the quarterly e-magazine for grassroots drifting and car culture! In this issue, we have coverage of Streetwise Drift Pro AM finals, a couple of cool car features, and many more goodies! It’s a pretty good read, and we hope you enjoy it! 

Enough from me, now take a look, e-mail it to your friends, and spread our name around! 

Take care,

New Content!

Hey Folks, Matt here!

Last month StreetWiseDrift held their second annual Autopalooza Drift competition and car show and we were lucky enough to attend! It was nice to see a few new cars in the series that we’re not used to seeing around here, such as Zoltan Haju’s twin turbo “LS-14.”


 The track had a great layout with long straight away into a long sweeping set of S-turns. Seeing these high powered cars taking the course is always amazing.


For the most part the weather was great until the forecasted rain moved in right as the competition began which brought a new level of difficulty for the drivers. The competition continued regardless. There have been some hiccups in regarding the event but from a spectators point of view the show was great.

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Chris here, with a bundle of goodies for you all, today!

First off, we have a new video, featuring Matt’s ZX2! He’s been chipping away at it, here and there, and it’s really starting to come together. In this latest video, he showcases some of it’s defining features.

Next, we have the latest edition of Apex Mag, and it’s definitely bigger and better than the last one! It features an interview with ProAm driver, Tommy Van Cleef, an introspective look into what it’s like being a driver, and lots of other really awesome content! Check that out, and be sure to let us know how you feel about it on our social media!

That wraps it up for me! Stay tuned and be sure ot subsribe to our Youtube page, Follow us on Twitter and Tumblr, and don’t forget the lovely instagram!

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Long Nights, Yo…

Hey everyone, Chris here. It’s about 1:18 in the morning, and I’m talking to you, after working on the next issue of ApexMag. It’s going to be so much better than the last one, and we can’t wait to release this one!

We at Apex Militia take pride in these long nights, because we have some of the most supportive fans out there! Some of us are beneath a car, some of us are behind a desk, but when we’re pulling these long nights, we know it’s worth it. You all are the best!

In case you didn’t know, I utilize the Ubuntu operating system, when I’m working on Apex stuff. I feel that open source programs are a great way to use some cutting-edge software and make some amazing things, at a fraction of the cost.

But that was just a little update! Stay tuned for all of the goodness in the next issue! It’s coming out at the end of this month! Be ready!

Stay Classy,
Twitter/Instigram: @mrchrisdiggs

CIN Motorsports!

Hey Everyone! Chris here! Last Saturday, Sebastian, Chris, and Garrett made a trip to meet some really cool people. At CIN Motorsports, based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, some of the most insane 350s, G35s, and Vettes are built. 


We spoke with Chad, from CIN for most of the day. They were hosting a Dyno-Day for the Carolina Z club. When we walked in, everyone was super receptive and nice to us. Lots of joking, fun, and lots of laughs. It was truly a great atmosphere.


Not to mention, lots of crazy sounding 350s!

Garrett was speaking with Chad and Bobby throughout the day. These guys focus on Nissan, Infinity, and Corvettes, and it seemed to be the best place to go, for Garrett’s new 350!


I won’t leak any details about the plans for his car, but trust me, it won’t look like this for much longer.


CIN also had some goodies in the back. Some were for other customers, some were projects that they were working on. They have a garage packed with awesome looking projects and customer cars. These guys really know what they’re doing.


One of the coolest things about CIN is that they do a lot of custom work. Their mastermind, Bobby, was a wealth of knowledge. According to Chad, he designed this custom manifold on this 370, and it’s a sight to be seen in person. 


Food break… And yeah, that’s Seba eating a Mac&Cheese biscuit from Bojangles.


The guys at CIN are amazing at what they do, and if you have an Infinity, a 350, or a Vette, you ought to take a look at what all they can do for you! They will over-build whatever you want, to ensure it’s longevity, and your happiness. They’ll take care of you. They have a facebook, too!

Here’s a link!

Go check these guys out! We had a blast!
Take care,

Been quiet around the office…

Hey everyone! Chris here!

We’ve been working really hard, here at Apex. There are a whole lot of projects that we have going on. Here, I’m going to try and catch you up on the deal.

First, both Dillon and Garrett got new cars, that won’t look like this, by the end of the month! (More details on Garrett’s 350z, tomorrow)

Next, Matt and Dillon also got some new videos, on the way!

Tommy Van Cleef has been just as supportive as ever, and has helped us reach almost 1000 likes on facebook! Plus, he’s still killin’ it! #tireslayer Streetwise has also been really awesome this season! We’re working on the 240 getting some time on the track, for G.A.C.S soon. We’ll see what happens!

Speaking of 240s, Apex has another  drift car in the works! No pictures, yet, but know that this is going to be pretty awesome. Baby-Face Jon is going to be piloting this machine. He’s been itching to get started, so stay tuned! (Especially in the next issue of Apex Mag, coming out at the end of this month.)

We, at Apex are also tinkering around with bicycles. We’re looking for easier ways to get around the pits and track, at events. It’s a nice change of pace for us.

That’s about it, for us. On top of school, and moving, and all this stuff, we’ve been really busy! We’ve been making new friends, networking with some fantastic people, and have plenty of things in the works! Stay tuned, everybody! It’s about to get real! 

Take care